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       In this website you will receive valuable information about dental implants and about how An Affordable Dental Implant Site TM (AADIS) can help you reach your goal of a healthy smile.  In each AADIS office you will find that the dentist have you as their first priority and not the almightly dollar.  Due to the advances in dental implant techology, AADIS members will help you acheive your goal of getting dental implants to replace missing teeth or to support an ill-fitting denture at a reasonable and affordable price.  

"Our mission is very simple. It is to make dental implants affordable and attainable to all people in all income levels. We believe that if we can acheive this goal, people will have better and more productive lives because the implants will improve their appearance, their oral functions, and their overall health."

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Regaining Confidence through Dental Implants

        Most people feel that a smile is their introduction to the world, whether they are meeting prospective employers, colleagues, or romantic interests. Unfortunately, many adults have lost a tooth through accidents, failed root canals, disease or decay.  Can you imagine how your life would be better without the problems of missing teeth.

      When losing a tooth, particularly a front tooth, a first impression may no longer be as “winning” or confident. In considering how to remedy a missing tooth, consulting An Affordable Dental Implant Site TM dental professional can reveal which dental implants are right for your smile.

       People with partials or full dentures also have their many concerns.  It has been estimated that there are approximately 50,000,000 people in the United States who are without some or all their teeth and have a hard time getting used to, and using, their prosthetic devices. Problems like dentures that don’t fill well, or dentures not working properly while chewing, are quite common. Many denture wearers tend to stop socializing as well because of the aesthetic reasons. Other problems such as bad breath are common. At An Affordable Dental Implant Site TM, we can successfully place dental implants to support ill fitting dentures at an affordable price which will help relieve people of most, if not all, of these problems.

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