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                                                  Benefits of Membership:

1. You will have the permission to use of the trademarked “An Affordable Dental Implant Site TM” logo on signs and print advertising. This works best in areas where there are no well known implant specialist (small to medium towns, rural areas). You will be the place to go for affordable dental implants and patients will be looking for you.

2.  You will have a free internet listing of your business with links to your website. We will offer a value-added program designed to greatly enhance your company’s listing in our directory and drive more customers to your business.  Our website data search will launch in the near future.

3. You will get much better marketing results and attract many more patients more consistently to your practice.

4. This is an easy way to communicate your marketing message in a way that new patients can see and become interested in what you offer at your practice.

5.  You will have a no-hype marketing plan that makes sense and is both easy and very affordable to implement

6.  You will attract the right kinds of patients who are looking for your style of practice and quality of care

7. You can market with integrity and authenticity, actually feeling good about the dental practice marketing that you do.

8.  You can communicate with other members within AADIS to exchange thoughts and ideas.

9.  An Affordable Dental Implant SiteTM cannot and will not guarantee any results.  It is up to the dentists on how to incorporate AADIS membership benefits to improve their practices.


                                                               Cost of Membership:

      All AADIS memberships run from January 1st through midnight on December 31st, and it will need to be renewed for the following year in order to maintain membership benefits and privileges. The Membership fee is $345 no matter what date you become a member. Legal action will be taken if membership benefits and privileges are used without membership. 

      Fee may increase in the future as more dentists become members. This is to control the amount of members to AADIS.

                                                        For the AADIS membership application, click HERE